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"How I Threw $2470.06 Down The Google Adwords Toilet!"
The article explains, in detail, how Neil Sherring spent $2470.06 promoting the Internet Success Spider on Google Adwords. The Google Adwords test bombed, but the results are very interesting. He reveals every ad copy tested, how many clicks each advert got, how much they cost and more.

Mastering Google AdWords Select
Mastering Google AdWords Select is a comprehensive guide to optimizing Google AdWords Select campaigns.
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    Agnet Australian agriculture and rural industry only.
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for all Australian, NZ, UK and US domain names.

WISDOM ebooks
An ebooks portal that is ideal for people looking for ebooks and ebook publishing information. Will list ebooks for free.

Affiliate Guide is a great resource for finding profitable website affiliates.

Test Cricket
TestCricket.com.au has a forum to have your say about test cricket in Australia.

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